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Genre: Crime/Drama

Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Cardi B, Lizzo, Lili Reinhart

Length: 1h 50m

Director: Lorene Scafaria

Girl Boss  Rating: 7/10

When I first saw the trailer for the movie ‘’HUSTLERS,” I was definitely sure that I wanted to watch it and I’m glad I did.  This was mostly because it was starring one of the most inspiring and strong women in the game, Jennifer Lopez, and other musicians which was a great thing too as I am one of those people who are inspired by how certain musicians life stories and how they made it who they are against all odds, like Cardi B. This movie is built around what these women had to go through as club strippers to make sure everything in their lives is always on track. Whether it was making sure that their kids go to one of the best schools ever find in town, whether it is making sure all bills are paid or making sure they are on track towards fulfilling their dreams. I know, it sounds a bit too extreme for a normal human being to do but yea, this was the life of these women for a very long time.

The movie starts when Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) became friends with Destiny (Constance Wu) and were both strippers at a certain club. They actually made lots of money and could afford the luxurious lives they were living, more than what a qualified doctor made… but not for long.  To many they were only seen as ‘’strippers’’ but they were actually mothers, daughters, friends and most importantly sisters. This is what I liked about the movie. The creators were able to show the audience how quickly ‘’we’’ as humans are quick to judge others when we don’t even know their story or background. I think this is why the movie was named ‘’HUSTLERS’’ in the first place. I wouldn’t compare it to a pyramid scheme but I can definitely say that it was all about ‘’it’s either you hustle or get hustled.’’ The most inspiring part of the movie for me was when everything in these women’s lives seemed to be going really bad and none of them had any options to whether qualify for a job or apply to go to university but hustle. They never gave up or felt sorry for themselves because that was not going to help to put food on the table. They knew their worth and started getting back on top of the game like the Bosses they were and actually succeeded. 

To be honest this movie made me see how the world actually operates in a way that was never made obvious for us to see or realize. It was a very awesome movie despite the fact that I didn’t really like the part that made it seem like being a ‘’stripper’’ was the only way that the women could succeed or make it to the top and live their best lives. I’m sure there were other options but they just decided to make working at a strip club their main option, which is okay for them. But that for me as a young woman, was a turnoff for me because I know that there are many other ways to make money even without qualification…even if it mean being someone’s cleaner.  I just felt that they were not highlighting the fact that there are ways to make money without having to be naked for a man, and then we complain when men think they own us. Also the fact that it seemed like all the money these women made came from men. I know many hustles that women can get into where as a woman you buy from a woman and sell to women, and your worth remains intact.  This just made me question myself about the type of world that we live in, where women’s worth is proven by whether she can get naked and even then given zero value? Coz whether we like it or not, the men who go to strip clubs will pay well to see you get naked but if tomorrow you are laying a charge of rape, nobody will believe you and those men won’t even consider giving you a business deal that will be more sustainable than a strip club.  I mean, why can’t we live in a culture that values, respects, looks up to and idolizes women as for who they are as much as men, is that too much to ask for?  This is why ‘’I’’ as a girl boss rated the movie 7/10 and I can say for myself that this movie for me falls under those ones that teaches or gives you a better understanding about certain things in life, which is a good thing and why I suggest you watch it .

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