Album Review: ‘Naked’ by Nadia Nakai

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Girl Boss Rating: 8/10

To say this album was widely anticipated is an understatement! Some will argue she took her time letting go of this project, I imagine it being a difficult thing to just let out. As a labour of love, you want it to be just perfect. In our view it may not be perfect but it came quite close.
In the intro she reminds her detractors and naysayers what she’s here for and does so quite skilfully.
Nadia is an excellent rapper, who has gotten better with each song she makes. We appreciate that she gave us 17 tracks and a really good look into her mind, what matters to her and how she thinks.

‘Africa’ is an ode to our continent, the song, distinctly peppered with ragga raps on a bed of African
drums makes it a unique and enjoyable song, on its own we give it a 9/10. This is one of our favourite tracks. Rap is considered a competitive genre, she doesn’t shy away from letting others know in the ‘game’ that she’s here to take the top spot. But does she have to swear so much?? Our other favorites are Ima Boss, (because we are bosses and we wont have it any other way), Yass Bitch. ‘On the Block’ with Khuli Chana, she flows effortlessly over a classic boom bap jazzy beat showcasing raw rapping skills, no gimmicks. starter. ‘Darkness Defined’ featuring Lady Zamar is a pure vibe. ‘Chankura’ is a bonafide party starter featuring Cassper Nyovest her label boss is guys featured on that track. An interesting song is ‘Rap Bitches’, which is an interesting song, clearly inspired by Rap Niggas,  favourite of ours by the late Gangsta Rapper, Nipsey Hussle.
Our standout favourite is ‘Kreatures,’ a retrospective, melancholic cut which features another favourite
of ours Kwesta trading bars on the either sides of Sio’s perfectly haunting hook.

This album is near perfect, well crafted, you can tell a lot of time and thought went into putting this
together. We have had the privilege of watching her perform live and we can tell she’s an artist that
pays attention to every aspect of her artistry, from how she presents herself on stage to the carefully
picked collaborators on songs, to the album cover and perhaps importantly the carefully chosen bars
she’s chooses to spit.

Dare we say it it is one of the most well put together albums to come out of ours shores. Give it a
good listen. Let it grow on you…But still, why does she sweat so much?

We give it a good 8/10, making it a classic, it just wasn’t a flawless effort.  I think she will do better. It was a good first album and I have no doubt the next album.

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