The Banting Diet

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This diet is one of the least known diets in the market but there has been plenty of testimonials from those who have tried it that claim that it is has done wonders for them. As people who are serious about keeping in tiptop shape, our diet is essential for weight loss and maintenance. It has been said that our diet constitutes about 80% of our physical weight loss journey and success. Therefore, basically what we eat will determine if we lose weight and reach our desired body weight loss or not. The banting diet is highly recommended for people who wish to burn or lose excess fat. It is a low carbohydrate high-fat diet. The idea behind the diet is that when your body shifts from consuming high-carbohydrate foods to lower carbohydrates and replacing the carbohydrates with high-fats, your body automatically drifts from burning carbohydrates for energy and burns fat instead.

Named after its founder William Banting, the diet is effective for several reasons, especially for people who are insulin resistant, carbohydrate intolerant, and people who find it rather difficult to lose stubborn fat. If you are carbohydrate intolerant it may mean that you are likely to gain weight around the waist area, you feel sluggish after consuming foods with high sugar content, you’re an emotional eater, you tend to gain weight a whole easier than your family and friends and your weight tends to fluctuate often. The term used to explain such is known as being carb resistant.

To be successful at this diet, you would have to understand your food and their nutritional information. When banting there are general foods that you are allowed to eat.

These include:

•    Avocado

•    Low carb fruit

•    Dairy (cream, milk, cheese, etc.)

•    Leafy green vegetables

•    Eggs

•    Meat with all the fat

•    Fish and many more

Foods to avoid include:

•    Potatoes

•    High carb fruits and vegetables

•    Artificial foods

•    Junk

•    Sugar

•    Bread

•    Oats

•    Pasta

•    Rice

Getting used to the diet will be very challenging at first, most of the time you find yourself being hungry because most of our go-to foods are mostly made up of high carbs as they are easy to prepare. But as time goes on you find it easier to cope.

Some tricks that can assist you:

1.    Keep Busy, the less time you have to think about food, the better

2.    Avoid ‘low fat’ items at the grocery store

3.    Always prepare your food way before you get hungry

4.    You can eat all of the fats you want

5.    Incorporate some exercising for fast and efficient results

6.    Keep things spiced up, don’t be boring

7.    Patience is key

8.    Drink loads and loads of water

Like any diet, there are benefits to the banting diet such as:

•    The weight loss process begins almost instantly

•    You are still able to enjoy the food that you thought was bad for while still losing weight.

•    Your food cravings will begin to subside and you adopt new eating habits like eating fatty foods, which have been proven that they keep you feeling fuller for longer.

•    There will be an overall feeling of well-being. You’ll have more energy, decreased levels of stress, and better sleep at night.

According to 10 commandments need to be adhered to when on this diet.

These commandments need to be strictly followed:

1.    Consume Animal Fat

2.    Consume as many vegetables as possible

3.    Snacking is a massive no unless the snack is banting friendly

4.    Never lie to yourself about you are eating, take thorough precaution

5.    Don’t overeat, but eat enough

6.    Avoid consuming too much protein

7.    Read food labels

8.    Don’t consume too many fruits and nuts

9.    Control your dairy intake

10.    Stay strong

There’s a list of foods that are allowed to fall part of your banting diet, there’s a green list and red list:

Green List – a low carb list of the foods that can be consumed regularly:

Animal protein

•    Eggs

•    Poultry

•    Meats

•    Seafood


•    Cauliflower

•    Lettuce

•    Avocados

•    Broccoli

•    Tomatoes

•    Sauerkraut

•    Spinach

•    Aubergines

•    Cabbage

•    Spring onions

•    Leeks Onions

•    Pumpkins

•    Mushrooms

•    Olives

•    Radishes

•    Asparagus

•    Courgettes


•    Full-cream milk

•    Cottage cheese

•    Cream cheese

•    Cream

•    Full-cream Greek yoghurt

•    Soft cheeses

•    Hard cheeses


•    Any rendered animal fat

•    Macadamia nuts

•    Almonds

•    Avocado oil

•    Nuts and seeds

•    Olive oil

•    Flaxseeds

•    Sunflower seeds

•    Sweeteners

•    Butter

•    Coconut oil

•    Pine nuts

•    Cheese

•    Mayonnaise, full fat only

•    Walnuts

These are all the recommended products that you can that will sustain the progress of the diet. Following the banting diet strictly and incorporating regular exercise is the best way to win and shed all of that unwanted body fat while enjoying all of the fat the world has to offer!

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